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Swans Show No Anemic Reaction to Equine West Nile Virus Vaccine

ORLANDO, Florida-Florida researchers who pioneered the use of an equine West Nile Virus vaccine in swans two years ago, have recently concluded blood testing for anemia related illnesses in six vaccinated Mute Swans. The tests results have shown no anemia related reactions to the equine West Nile Virus vaccine in the swans.

Led by veterinarians, Dr. Christopher W. Brown and Dr. Geoffrey R. Gardner of The Regal Swan®, Inc. research team, the equine vaccine manufactured by Ft. Dodge Animal Health was injected into the swans over a two-year period. Anemia tests were conducted following published reports that some songbirds given the equine vaccine showed signs of anemia.

The study conducted by The Regal Swan®, Inc. research team, concluded that the swans showed no anemia related problems with the Ft. Dodge Animal Health vaccine. The testing was conducted prior to, during and after the inoculation series using the vaccine in the swans at Orange Lake Resort & Country Club in Orlando, Florida. The resort was developed by the late Kemmons Wilson, founder of Holiday Inns® and encompasses more than 1,100 acres. It is the largest single-site timeshare resort in the world.

The Regal Swan®, Inc. is based in Orlando, Florida and is committed to the humane treatment and veterinary medical care of captive swans. The program‚s research team is best known for its successful vaccination of swans against the deadly botulism toxin and the West Nile Virus. For more information, please go to:

The Regal Swan®, Inc. research team includes: Christopher W. Brown, D.V.M., Central Florida relief veterinarian; Geoffrey R. Gardner, D.V.M., Lakeland Veterinary Hospital, Lakeland, Florida; Fanchon F. Funk, Ed.D., professor emeritus, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida; Sheila Bolin, M.S., swan keeper and state-licensed wildlife transporter, Orange Lake Resort & Country Club, Orlando, Florida; Rebecca Webb Wilson, J.D., photographer and Lifetime Trustee Memphis Zoological Society, Memphis, Tennessee; Shirley A. Bolin; A.G.S., resort photographer and staff writer, Orange Lake Resort & Country Club, Orlando, Florida; Spence Wilson and Charlie Huggins, logistics coordinators, Memphis, Tennessee.

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