Consulting Services – The Regal Swan

The Regal Swan® Foundation, Inc. is comprised of veterinary medical, legal, educational and research specialists whose primary focus is to provide humane veterinary medical care and current best practices for the daily maintenance of swans worldwide. Regal Swan® consultants can provide the following services:

  • Collaborate with clients to understand the maintenance and veterinary medical care required for captive swans.
  • Develop humane and safe habitats for swans .
  • Develop supplemental feeding programs and annual veterinary medical exams.
  • Establish vaccination protocols for cygnets, juveniles and adults.
  • Determine the particular species of swan that is suitable for the habitat as well as conform to state or country statutes regarding the possession, breeding or maintenance of swans.
  • Construct habitats and/or veterinary medical pens for client (Cost for materials and manpower will be assessed based upon size and complexity).
  • Other swan related issues