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Hi Matt

Great question. The ramp would need to be away from any hydraulics and in an area that the birds would readily see as a “platform” to exit the water. There are no set rules on the size of the ramp, but it needs to be at least 3 feet in width so the birds do not get injured sliding off the ramp. The slope needs to be in increments, i.e. gradually accessing the bank so it again, is not so steep that the birds slide down. You can make this ramp out of wood or other such material that is not expensive and not abrasive or slippery when wet. If you provide a small platform on the water, with zero entrance to the platform, i.e., the. Birds can readily float onto the platform, they may actually use the plarform as a take-off point from the spillway and possibly not use the ramp. However, not knowing your size issue, we really can’t advise much more than this potential solution. Could you please email us at and send us several different views of your spillway area? We may be able to offer a reasonable and cost effective solution that will be a practical application for the birds. The Regal Swan

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