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Chris Fritzen

I am in 100% agreement with the regal swan society. I had a ferrel female adult trumpeter on my pond for a year and she raised all heck! She could fly so she was constantly flying over fences in the pond in order to get at my mutes. One day she flew into a pen where there were a male/female 6 year old pair of mutes. She actually killed the female:( That was enough! As they pointed out there wasn’t anything I could do to her. I even called the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and they basically told me I had to deal with her. Luckily she finally left on her own and I now have peace again. All my experience with trumpeters and mutes tell me the same thing. Trumpeters are more aggressive all the way around than the Mutes are. They also don’t necessarily eat more but when they eat, a great deal of food drops out of their mouth and if in deep water, it goes to waste. Mutes don’t drop near as much food into the water when eating.