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Thank you so much for your reply, unfortunately I live in Sevilla, Andalucia not in the USA.
Today I saw the swan again, he’s still outside. Seeing your response it all makes sense now since today I tried to give him food and he didn’t wanted it, my mother also tried it and the swan only squawk like trying to get my mother’s hand away, I suppose he was marking his territory. Not to mention that he was drinking from a puddle, as you said he is afraid to enter in the pond.
I’m really sad that he can turn sick, he seems very lonely that’s why I’ve made the decision to talk to the city hall and explain the situation about the swan.

Another thing , how can I send a picture of the lonely Swan so you can identify if it’s trully a male or a female.?

Can you perhaps help me with this even though I live far away?.

Again Thank you so much I appreciate the feedback