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Dear Swan Expert!
It might be there are certain registration requirements on the website none of the combinations of user name and password seem to be working. The error msg display says
“Registration not available at this time”
Thank you for the suggestion regarding the nesting area. Based on the nests location it will be possible to build the enclosure per your recommendation without any difficulty. We’ll follow your advice and let you know what happens next hatching season.
Initially, We thought the cygnets that remained in the nest were late bloomers or injured. The parents did not return within 24 hours after the first swim. Although they seemed healthy with no visible marks,
it was clear after 24 hrs there were internal problems with one. We brought it to the vet right away.
The other was reunited and we think was also ill although it displayed no indication of having the problems the other had.
Happy to share the other cygnets are healthy and doing well. The pen has not returned to the nest with the other cygnets. The cob still swims over for a quick visit.
We enjoyed being part of such an amazing experience.
Thank you,