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Regal Swan, I wanted to update you on the condition of this swan. The first two weeks were slow going. We did not intervene but I watched him every day for a number of hours. He continued to drink water, and small slurping of duckweed. I also gave him the cracked corn and duck feed. After about two weeks he submerged his head and was eating sub-aquatic vegetation. His appetite is back to normal.

His bruised knob and bill scabbed. The scabs eventually fell off and he had no black on his face. It was pale orange. His that area looks to be regenerating and healing. The mask is returning and the knob is going from orange to black.

His behavior went from isolated and sleeping to slowly start staying with the family. After about a week, he was with them all the time. And then resuming to normal behaviors of protector and communicating with female and cygnets.

His eye has healed as well. At first it as closed but has since opened and his vision, as far as I can tell from. my observations, are normal.

I do not know if there are any long term injuries that I cannot see. I don’t know if there was any damage done internally to his head. I am still keeping a close eye.

He is molting at the moment so using a lot of his energy towards that and seems to be doing very well. I am not sure how it will go if an interloper swan flies in the area to settle in.

He is still not at 100% in my opinion but in a few more weeks should be ready to fledge the cygnets.

Thank you for your help, always.