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Regal Swan, I wanted to update you on this situation of the injured cygnet.

Volunteers for Wildlife was able to close the wound on the cygnet. They had the cygnet on a program you spoke about for infection. After three weeks, the cygnet was ready to be returned.

You mentioned that after that much time, any reintegration of the cygnet back to the family would not work. By law the organization had to make an attempt to return, though.

The cygnet was initially accepted but that only lasted for about three hours. At that time, a male cygnet began chasing and pushing the injured cygnet away. The cygnet then started getting more aggressive with biting and trying to get on top of the injured cygnet. I contacted the wildlife org and we were advised to rescue the injured cygnet but he was deep in hiding and I could not get to him before dark.

I returned early the next morning, and discovered the adults were now chasing the cygnet. So, we intervened and rescued the cygnet.

Thank you for advising so I knew what to look for in signs of rejection.

I have to say, it was a wonderful three hours!