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Hi Dee

Yes, we are aware of the NY DEC’s killing plans we have actively been fighting the plan for the past 4 years. The moratorium on killing/controlling the swans is up this Nov. and the DEC is trying to introduce the same non-scientific plan as before. They were told to provide reliable valid scientific research before any plan could be implemented. They have not.

Hudsonia LTD, provided research last year showing that the swans were not detrimental to the habitat, were not any more aggressive than any other wildlife, and basically called the DEC’s research non-existent to shoddy. So, please contact your state representatives to ensure that no plan can go forward this year, especially with no current valid research from the DEC.

As far as the cygnet goes, her wing may be treatable at this time and further delay could cause a problem. You still might be able to ask around anonymously to see if someone might help. Otherwise, the cygnet may survive the parents if it is older, but may not survive in the long run with such an injury. You can contact us directly at and provide us with your phone number.

Please DO NOT provide us your info on this forum.

We may be able to provide you with someone that may be able to help. The Regal Swan