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Martin kelly

There is clearly much public confusion and concern regarding this issue with your organisation apparently at the centre of it. In view of this I would have thought that you would have considered it appropriate, if not your duty, to publish your research on the subject. Or at least make it available to any member of the public who takes the trouble to request it. After all, at the end of the day it was probably the public who funded it or part of it and not the vets.

Regarding your site not allowing large uploads, perhaps you could request your site developers to increase the value of the PHP setting ‘maximum upload size’ to accommodate it. It only takes a few minutes and would remove any potential suspicion that you might not want the public to view the information for some reason or other.

I presume the link below presented by The Regal Swan® Foundation, Inc is associated with yourselves. In which case it would appear that the relevant links to the functions and structures for swan habitats do not work or have been removed. In particular the Swan Food and Water Requirements section. Perhaps you could look into it.