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    I photographed a mute swan family at the local park. There were seven young cygnets, young enough to still be hitching rides on mama’s back. Four of the cygnets were grayish in color with solid dark gray beaks, legs, and feet. Three of the cygnets were more yellowish/light brown with light brownish beaks and yellow-green legs and feet. They all looked alike other than their coloration. Is this a normal variation for young cygnets? Is seven an unusually large clutch?

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    Hi Meg

    Swans can have 1-13 cygnets depending on species. We are not sure about the coloration you are describing as we have never seen a yellow green leg coloration unless the swans are covered in algae. The lighter coloration could be a leucistic coloration which is a variant, but quite normal. Could you please send us a photograph of the cygnets and leg coloration? Our email is Bolin.S

    We will try to give you a better answer after seeing the photos. Thanks. The Regal Swan

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    Thank you so much! I’ve emailed a photo to you so you can see the color variation.

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