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    Randall Sprague

    Our pair of trumpeters just recently hatched 5 seemingly healthy cygnets on June 8th. In the last few days we have lost 3 of them and are not sure why. They all seem healthy one day, then act very weak the next and die within 24 hrs. We have been feeding non medicated game starter with cracked corn and also giving them fresh spinach thrown into the pond. They eagerly go after the fresh spinach. This is the first time we have lost any new swans and are very frustrated as to why. Any ideas?

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    Swan Expert

    Hi Randall

    There could be any number of reasons, but if they are healthy one day and weak the next, it may be some type of toxin in the water due to run-off, algae bloom or something they are ingesting. Another prime suspect would be an infection such as fungal (aspergilliosis), bacterial or viral. Additionnally, if the cygnets are not getting proper nutrients, i.e., vitamins and minerals, they could develop neurological issues which would manifest in weakness. Again, there could be any number of causes. We would suggest in the future to use poultry layer pellets or poultry layer mash mixed with the cracked corn to eliminate any mineral or vitamin deficiency. We hope that this information is of benefit. The Regal Swan

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