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    Jennifer Ahart

    I have 2 swan cygnets one has legs that do not seem to be correct lots of stumbling and clumsy. she steps on her pads because they are spread out like but then kinda turn it. They are on a 18% grower Nutrena Nature wise which is what the breeder suggested. Is there any way to fix this? Ive seen a hobble mentioned but not sure what to do?

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    Swan Expert

    Hi Jennifer

    A hobble might work, but you need to get this cygnet to an experienced avian/waterfowl veterinarian immediately. This immediate intervention is critical in the survival of the cygnet as any delay could mean that the cygnet may never be able to walk or climb up and down banks to access water. Only assessment by an experienced veterinarian will determine if this cygnet can be helped. The Regal Swan

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    jennifer ahart

    unfortuntely I have been unable to find one in my area that has knowledge to see her. is there any way to correct the bent leg on my own?

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