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    Beverly Jones

    Each day I visit my local park. There are a pair of Mute Swans, who may be quite young, 2/3 years old. The pen finished laying 8 eggs around 24th April, and has been sat on the eggs ever since, assisted by her partner. We were expecting them to hatch around 16th March. However, there has been no sign of cygnets, and she and her partner are still sitting on the nest with no sign of abandoning it.
    Is there still a chance they will hatch?

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    Swan Expert

    Hi Beverly

    Incubation does not take place until the last egg is laid. Then, it takes between 30-45 days for hatching. Usually, swans and other birds will not waste precious energy to continue sitting on a nest of non-viable eggs. So, if the swans are still paying attention to the eggs, it usually means that there is still a chance for hatching. Hopefully, you will see cygnets soon. The Regal Swan

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    Beverly Jones

    Thank you so much, I will keep you informed. She is still on the nest…

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    Beverly Jones

    After over three months, the pair of swans have finally deserted the nest leaving 8 unhatched eggs.

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