"no-plumage ring-zone" in top of neck, just under the head

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    hello; what about a “no-plumage ring-zone” in the top of the neck, just under the head?

    a couple of captivity mute swan start from some weeks to loose plumage just under the head, the neck part that they usually use for preening the whole body.

    I’ve never see something like this in a mute swan; it seems someone have cutted the plumage with a razor to get a ring shaped zone without plumage, around the neck and just above the head, about 5 to 10 cm high.

    (how can I upload you an image to explain this?)

    note: the place where they live, has been recently very cold (with snow and lake water totaly frozen) and rained a lot.

    all the best,

    Marco. (please reply also in my email)

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    sorry, I meant: “… around the neck and just UNDER the head, about 5-10 cm high”

    ..this strange “no-plumage ring” is is very evident when the swans have very wet plumage, such as when it rain hard, or they spend a lot of time with head under the water looking for food.


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    Hi Marco

    We apologize for the delayed response, but we have been updating the website. There are several possibilities for the ring-like appearance around the neck. One reason could be that the swans are coming into contact with something under the water and are rubbing against the object causing an abrasion. The second possible cause is a parasite, protozoa or fungus in the water that is infecting the swans. The swans would need to be captured and examined by a licensed veterinarian to determine if an infectious agent is the cause.

    However, more than likely, the cause of the lost plumage in this area is from swans pecking at each other during fights for mates and territories as springtime brings out defensive behavior. As long as there is no infection, the plumage should return very soon. Again, if this is an infection, a veterinarian should be consulted. The Regal Swan

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