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Swan Expert

Hi Bill

We need more information to provide an adequate response:

1. How did you separate the swans, i.e., did you remove her from the area and place her on another pond or lake?

2. How long did you separate her?

3. Do you have a garage, bathroom, barn or other safe area away from predators, objects that can be harmful and has ample ventilation?

4. Are there predators in the area and is the male responsible for protecting her?

We ask these questions, because the answers will determine what can be safely done to provide the female a rest from tthe male’s advances.

If you have a safe area to hold a swan for a couple of days and the female swan is capable of protecting herself, then we would recommend the following:

Capture the male swan and place him in a safe secure area free from predators or objects that can be harmful, i.e., a walk-in shower that can be barricaded, barn stall that can be closed and free from predators entering, digging or crawling over to access the swan. Provide the male with a clean bowl of food and water and hold him for 2 days. By capturing the male, his hormone levels will have a chance to cool off, the female can rest. If you remove the female, the male may claim “king of the mountain” and you may have a problem reintroducing her back into the habitat.

If you cannot separate the swans, then the male is going to continue trying to mate until his hormone levels return to normal.This is going to place an undue stress on the female which can result in serious injury to her. We hope this information is beneficial. The Regal Swan