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    Hello, I’ll say some previous context to understand better the problem or situation.

    In my city there is a big park, with a pond on the middle of it, where the water ( the few “droplets ” that it had) was always dirty. Two months went like this and finally this November the cleaned it and fill it up with water and fountains.
    There are only three swans, specie “Cygnus olor” aka the common swan, among a very big group of different types of ducks, I believe there are two males and one female. The female and one of the male are always on the pond but the other male it’s always, always alone.

    The thing is when the tourists approach it or even the locals to give him food he doesn’t react, and some times he’ll make a squawk. With head low and standing on the same spot on land for hours the swan doesn’t socialise with the other swans or ducks like the other two do. The swan also doesn’t not step a foot inside the pond

    My theory is that the swan is very territorial with that spot, but he also seems very sad.

    I know it’s a bit of a vague information but I would appreciate even the slightest of advice.

    Thank you so much

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    Hi Lola

    If the lone swan is not entering the pond, he is scared of the dominant swan. This means that he is not eating, bathing, or drinking. Eventually, he will get stressed and sick. Do you have someone in the area that has swans, is a swan/wildlife rehabber? The swan needs to be relocated to a better home without predators? Where are you located? If you can give us more info, please do so at Bolin.S@att.net and we may be able to find someone to take the swan. Unfortunately, since you have a mating pair, this issue is going to be a recurring one every year as the cygnets will be chased from the pond. The Regal Swan

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    Thank you so much for your reply, unfortunately I live in Sevilla, Andalucia not in the USA.
    Today I saw the swan again, he’s still outside. Seeing your response it all makes sense now since today I tried to give him food and he didn’t wanted it, my mother also tried it and the swan only squawk like trying to get my mother’s hand away, I suppose he was marking his territory. Not to mention that he was drinking from a puddle, as you said he is afraid to enter in the pond.
    I’m really sad that he can turn sick, he seems very lonely that’s why I’ve made the decision to talk to the city hall and explain the situation about the swan.

    Another thing , how can I send a picture of the lonely Swan so you can identify if it’s trully a male or a female.?

    Can you perhaps help me with this even though I live far away?.

    Again Thank you so much I appreciate the feedback

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    Hi I write again because I made a research and I came to the conclusion( in my little knowledge) that the swans of the pond aren’t male and female I think there are both male, in summary three males on the same area. I find it weird since swan males are very territorial right? I might be wrong.

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