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    Sonia mesry

    Hi there ! Help !
    We have an adult female swan that has been acting strange all day . Yesterday everyone is fine and i noticed the male being a little bit aggressive to her . She has been swimming all day with her neck bent back above her wings ! we have tried to capture her to no avail . We went w kayaks and paddle boats and nope ! I am concerned why all of a sudden the male is being slightly aggressive to her . Wondering why her neck is bent back like that . Thinking she may have swallowed some line hook fishing gear ? or maybe the male was aggressive to her over night … but she is not wanting to lift up her neck and is laying back with it all tucked in . Hoping it isn’t lead poisoning and we can’t capture her… any ideas as to how we can capture her? also what could be going on? they have been getting along great till this morning . Pls advise … kindest regards Sonia Mesry

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    Swan Expert

    Hi Sonia

    If the neck is bent back, there could be various reasons:

    Lead, botulism or other poisoning, illness, injury or neurological trauma. The male knows she is in trouble and if she is sick will try to remove her from the habitat. This is nature’s way of preventing the spread of illness in the environment.

    You will need many kayaks or boats to gently surround her and herd onto land or slowly enclose her between the boats/kayaks to capture her. There is great urgency to this capture so that whatever is wrong can be quickly diagnosed and treated. The Regal Swan

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