Juvenile Tundra Swan has lost its parents.

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    David Tacha

    We have a lost Juvenile Tundra Swan. We live on a lake with Mute Swans. The Mute Swans seem to tolerate him/her, as he is hanging out with them exclusively. We feed the swans, but he won’t eat the food. The Tundra swan us much more wild. He arrived about December 13, 2020. We have tried everything to feed him, but nothing seems to work. We believe the rest of the Tundra swans are south of us at the rice field. They usually stay the winter and fly back to Canada in the spring.

    Do you have any advice? We fear he will starve to death.

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    Swan Expert

    Hi David

    The young swan may have been chased by his parents which usually happens once the juveniles get older, may have gotten lost from the rest of the flock during the winter migration to your location, or is using your site as a stopover until it leaves to rejoin his flock. If there are other swans in your area, it means that there is ample food resources for the swans until they leave in the spring. The Mute Swans will teach him where to find food. Since he is a juvenile, he is probably leery of people. Once he figures out the other swans are getting fed by you, he will probably get smart enough to realize he also wants more food. It just make take some time. As long as your pond/lake does not freeze over, he should be able to find food and will be fine. Thanks for caring for the swans. The Regal Swan

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